Kakopathar Domdoma, Assam:

Organized an eye checkup camp in Kakopathar Domdoma, Assam for 15 days with project partner Vision Spring, USA and Fair Trade, USA; Seen 4500 patients, distributed 2500 pair of glasses and 2000 eye drops.

Essilor - 2.5 NVG South-East Asia Head, Mr. Saugat Bannerjee, announcing joint venture with ERC Eye Care:

Essilor - 2.5 NVG South-East Asia Head, Mr. Saugat Bannerjee, announcing joint venture with ERC Eye Care and handing over keys of first Essilor (NVG)- ERC Mobile Unit to company MD, Dr. Ubed. We at ERC Eye Care expect this JV to scale up significantly in the next few years to reach remote areas of North- East with affordable, accessible eye care.

FIRST Hub Hospital in Sivasagar on 6th February 2015

We proudly announce Opening of our FIRST hub Hospital in Sivasagar on 6th February 2015. (In Axomiya Khabar 11th Feb; also available in all leading dailies in the last 2 days) Delivering on the promise of affordable, accessible and inclusive eye care to the BoP, we dedicate our first HUB to the people of Upper Assam. We also thank the World Bank's New Delhi and Washington DC office for making this possible.

The Hospital has been inaugurated by a VIP to ERC: Mrs. Bonti Barauh, a rural weaver whose life changed after she received her first eye glasses from ERC Eye Care.

Thrilled to see young people sharing our mission for a perfect vision

Mr. Guna Barua from Teok, Assam, India:

His story: he lost his left eye while he was a child (now, he has an artificial eye). His father was a tailor, and he had to follow on the job. So he started tailoring to earn his living, with just one eye. As he turned 35, he realized that he can't see very well with his right eye either.

His economic condition started deteriorating further. Little did he know that he was suffering from a simple presbyopia which comes with age. He visited our eye camp this month and now he is working full time using his new pair of reading glasses.

Story of Himadri Bora:

In North East India, including Assam, there is a old tradition of weaving the clothes required for the family and all that is left is also sold to add to the family income. Women do the weaving and it requires acute near vision. By the time women turn 40 years old their near sight fails them and this leads to making the women unable to weave anymore. The work is then taken by younger women in the household.

A simple near vision glass can change all that, making the women productive for another 25 years or so. Seen in the picture is Mrs. Himadri Bora, 40 years old, and a weaver 7& housewife from Central Assam. ERC Eye Care takes pride in delivering the eye glass which will make her productive and self-sufficient again.